Ex Zone 1 iPhone 14 – Explosion Proof ATEX / IECEx Zone 1 / Zone 21 iPhone 14

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  • ATEX : II 2G; Ex db IIC T4 Gb
  • ATEX : II 2D; Ex tb IIIC T135°C Db
  • IECEx: Ex db IIC T4 Gb
  • IECEx: Ex tb IIIC T135°C Db
  • INMETRO: On request
  • CSA: On request

Technical Specifications

  • Charger Voltage: Supports a range of 100-240 Volts (charger).
  • Charger Frequency: Operates at 50/60 Hz (charger)
  • Color: Aluminium finish
  • Dimensions: Measures 18x12x2.6 cm
  • Weight: Weighs 680 grams


  • Our product finds valuable applications in various industries, including petrochemical plants and offshore environments.
  • It serves as an intrinsically safe camera, enabling safe capturing of photos and videos in hazardous settings.
  • These iPhones can be integrated into Industry 4.0 initiatives, enabling real-time data collection and communication for connected workers in manufacturing and industrial settings.
  • The device can support digital twin technology, allowing for the creation of digital replicas of equipment and processes in hazardous areas. This aids in monitoring and maintenance.


  • Self SIM-card Installation and eSIM.
  • Gas ATEX and IECEx Certification Zone 1 & 2
  • Dust ATEX and IECEx Certification Zone 21 & 22
  • Hydrogen Approved.
  • Apple Open DEP/ABM Enrolment
  • Wireless Charging Applications



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Introducing the Apple ATEX iPhone 14, now certified for Zone 1/21 hazardous areas. These explosion-proof iPhones 14, originally from Apple, undergo ATEX and IECEx
conversion by Atexxo, ensuring safe use in gas/vapor and dust zones. ATEX Zone 1 aligns with US NEC Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1).

Adhering to ATEX/EX regulations, the intrinsically safe iPhone 14 case undergoes meticulous casing and electrical modifications, retaining all original features. This EX iPhone supports both wired and wireless charging in safe areas. With its durable aluminum finish, it’s available in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB models.

These iPhones, apart from being secure smartphones, excel as cameras with WIFI/5G, NFC, and Bluetooth capabilities. FSE SAFE Projects Pte Ltd also offers ATEX/ IECEx iPhone 14 for Zone 1 & 2 / Zone 21 & 22.http://

Specification: Ex Zone 1 iPhone 14 – Explosion Proof ATEX / IECEx Zone 1 / Zone 21 iPhone 14


128 GB/256 GB/512 GB/ 128 GB with Blocked Camera/ Conversions and Certificates


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