About Us

World of Safety and Health Asia is founded for the purpose of gathering safety & health information for the benefit of every individual.
It is a shame that products & services that solve safety & health problems are only available in some countries but not all.
This is the reason why WSH Asia is founded! To provide a FREE platform for all safety & health manufacturers to showcase their products, services, events & courses at NO COST.
This will enable every individual around the world, to easily access safety & health solutions available around the world and therefore be able to access to it and be safe.

Our Vision

To save lives with our safety and health online platform

Our Mission

Saving Lives by curating safety & Health information on our online platform, benefiting everyone!

Share our beliefs too?

If you share our beliefs and want to show your support, please do not hesitate to be our sponsors.
WSH Asia depends greatly on sponsorship to bring this around to every individual.
We need your support! Sponsor us today and have your products or services featured on this meaningful platform. Contact us at  raymond.wat@wshasia.com
Your sponsorship will help someone be safer today!

No need to be a sponsor!

You do not need to be a sponsor to be able to use this platform for FREE! You can simply register and start posting your safety & health products, events, courses and news! Just start from here!