Weekend Safety Brief 01JUN2018


At Ease… REST.

Meach – you have been a good boy this week, you can stay in formation.

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend, and took a few moments to remember those that gave the last full measure of devotion to preserve our liberty. I did a lot of observing and thinking about things, about our brothers and sisters who were killed in action, and the public’s awareness and reaction.

About those warriors who we have lost – I can’t be any more eloquent than the hundreds of writers that have put down the most touching memorials one can read. To that end, I will say simply – thank you to all of the fallen. Thank you for the freedom that we enjoy because of the sacrifices of our glorious dead. Thank you for keeping our homeland free and safe for our children. Thank you for doing what millions of others could not or would not. TIL VALHAL!

On public awareness – While it is frustrating that seemingly most of the American public doesn’t understand what the day means, or how we feel about it, I think that this has a couple of sources. The first and foremost is that since the elimination of the draft, the American public at large has lost its connection with the military. Likewise, the fact that war is now very limited, and there is no major surge of troops on active duty (aside from NG and Reserve units being called to active duty) combine to effectively remove the direct connection to any conflict with the public. Simply put, most Americans are completely unaffected by any of our recent wars, aside from the coverage on TV – if they even watch the news.

I don’t get angry or indignant when people wish me a “Happy Memorial Day” – it doesn’t do any good. Indeed, even those that I have tried to educate about the gravity of the day revert right back to the same greeting each year. I am actually kind of OK with this. It shows that the collective efforts of our war dead, and ourselves gives them the right to be ignorant, flippant, and generally care free. It shows that they truly live comfortably wrapped in a blanket of protection, purchased in blood, that allows them to not have to worry about a threated invasion or even Kim’s bombs. They can enjoy a day at the beach without concern for the existential threats that we all know exist. For this, I am thankful.

I was at a concert this weekend, and the band dedicated a song to the military overseas, not even mentioning the bloody cost of war that so many have already paid. I will post the link to the song below. In spite of them missing the point, I can say that my daughter was deeply touched as her mother is deployed – and I may or may not have sensed someone chopping onions.

Anyway –

A regular weekend this week – so you fuckers better be wired tight Monday morning. I have arranged with one of my RI buddies to let us run the Darby Queen… its gonna suck in the best way. Remember to roll in fire teams.

Don’t beat your wife or kick your dog.

Strippers are dependas in disguise.

Don’t drink and drive.

Don’t piss off the MPs – ask Meach how that works out.

PMCS your POS before you ride out.

Platoon sergeants – get these scrot-bags out of my sight.

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