Summer Safety: Navigating Crowds

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Summer Safety:
Navigating Crowds

Summer is finally upon us, and that means plenty of events and festivals to attend! Before you head out, you should know a few basic things to better prepare.

Crowds large enough to reach dangerous density can put anyone at risk. Here are some quick tips to help ensure your safety and a pleasant experience overall: 

  • Gather information about the event and the location in advance. Understand what you can bring with you, how long it will last and how many people are expected to attend
  • Remain alert, look around and maintain situational awareness. If you can, make a note of any exits and first aid stations
  • Avoid relying on your smartphone’s internet connection, as high-density crowds often cause cellular overload on networks
  • Pay attention to the crown makeup, and if you notice an abnormal increase of decrease in the number of people around you, it could be a signal that something is not right
  • Ensure that everyone knows where to go if separated or in case of trouble, again without counting on your cellular service to facilitate the meetup
  • Keep to the edges of the crowds when navigating around the event rather than trying to head through the middle
  • Take advantage of toilets when you are nearby, as navigating through crowds to find them can be difficult, and lines can often be excessive. Have multiple options for getting home or out of the area in case of any unexpected occurrences such as road closures or transit shutdowns

If an emergency happens, it is extremely important to remain calm and avoid panic when heading to the nearest exit and waiting for official instructions from the event staff or law enforcement.

At Paladin, we will take the time to understand the security challenges you face and help you develop an integrated program customized to address your individual situation, needs and budget. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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