The Katana Safety is a self-defense device you are able to put on your smartphone

Satisfaction is priceless. Specifically for females, assault and sexual attack remain realities we supply ourselves against. Regardless of standard self-defense strategies, there are countless things you could do in today’s fast-paced, connected globe to ensure you will have an added level of security.

One of many things at CES 2019 that surely caught my attention is a colorful buttoned unit that connects to your phone. This is the Katana Security. This unassuming thing may indeed save your valuable life.

This is basically the Pink Katana which, obviously, matches my maybe not Pink Pixel 3. You will find so many other color choices to choose from. It sticks towards phone via reusable 3M tape. The entire concept is, such as your phone, it is to you every where.

It’s fundamentally an anxiety switch — however it does a lot more. Katana protection has three layers of protection: Its alarms, a 24/7 response staff, and the Katana App.

Pulling that red tab at the bottom associated with the unit triggers a piercing security. Another security function is linked to a built-in strap for your wrist. While using the strap, an alarm is automatically is caused when you fall or let go of your phone. There’s in addition a silent security function that’s activated by pushing that round indented switch regarding Katana.

When any of these alarms tend to be triggered by any means, the Katana additionally encourages the response team to phone both you and get in touch with appropriate disaster solutions given that software simultaneously and immediately delivers a prompt plus location to a pre-set crowd. All of this, without even having to unlock your phone.

The Katana protection device retails for a one-time cost of US$ 99. The membership for the reaction center will cost you US$ 12 every month for an annual membership, or US$ 15 if you spend on a per month foundation. A small price to fund reassurance, if you ask me.

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