Safety First Baby Monitor

Nothing matters more to me than my kids.  I wish I could follow them around everywhere they go just to make sure that they are safe.  Yes, I’m one of those moms that goes into my kids rooms at night and puts my ear next to their little faces to make sure they’re breathing.  A good baby monitor helps me to feel a little more in control.

I just got a Safety 1st Baby Monitor and it is awesome!  This monitor connects to your smartphone so you can see what’s happening in the nursery wherever you are!  You can also get alerts on your phone when there is motion or sound in the room.  You can also add members so that they can see the live footage on their smartphones too!  The footage is recorded so you can go back and look through what happened during the day and even save the moments you want to treasure!  I was really impressed with how clear the picture is and you can zoom in on the picture too and still keep it’s clear quality!  I love that I can just open the app on my phone and get a clear picture of what’s going on in the nursery!

The baby monitor comes with the camera and a smart audio unit that will allow you to hear what’s going on in the room even without a phone in your hand.  It also has a talk back button so you can talk to your baby from the audio unit.

Setting up the baby monitor went relatively smoothly.  You just follow the instructions on the app to connect your camera to your phone.  It has simple enough instructions but I had a hard time getting it to connect to my Wifi.  You can text tech support from the app and they were very friendly and responded quickly and we were able to fix the problem in a few minutes!

I love that the Safety First baby monitor was made with anxious parents in mind.  I want to be able to hear them when they cry but it is also so nice to just look down at my phone and make sure my babies are still sleeping soundly in their beds.  This is the best baby monitor I’ve ever had!

For more information about the Safety 1st Baby Monitor check out

I received this product for free for the purpose of this review
It has in no way changed my opinion

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