Beckley roofing company facing $57,600 in workplace safety penalties, OSHA says

A Beckley roofing company facing $57,600 in workplace safety penalties was written up for similar violations five years ago.

In 2013, Master Roofers and Builders Inc. was fined $6,000 for violating federal rules having to do with safety provisions and protective equipment.

Now, they’ve been cited for breaking the same two federal rules plus 11 more, according to documents made public by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA issued the 13 violations April 16.

The violations stem from a complaint filed with OSHA in November 2017. Workers from Master Roofers and Builders Inc. were working on the First Assembly of God Church in Mount Hope.

Inspectors found employees weren’t wearing protective helmets, didn’t receive adequate training and were exposed to potential electrical hazards. Inspectors also found a ladder wasn’t set up properly and that workers hadn’t been trained on the hazards of working on portable ladders, all categorized as “serious” violations, according to OSHA. The company was given a “willful” citation after workers and a foreman installed roofing up to 32 feet high without a fall protection system — a proposed $22,171 penalty.

The company was issued repeat violations for not conducting safety inspections or audits to correct “known, open and obvious hazards” and letting workers wear tennis shoes while carrying metal roof panels, battery powered drills and other dangerous equipment, according to inspection reports.

Wayne Stegel, owner of the business, said his company wasn’t going to contest the violations, but didn’t know what kinds of changes they’d be making.

“I don’t know off-hand yet, I’ve got to pay some fines, I guess. We’ve complied,” he said.

He noted that he “can’t be there every minute of the day” to make sure his workers are following the rules, and suggested someone may have called OSHA to retaliate against him.

“There’s not much to say about it, nobody complies around here. You could probably drive around Charleston and see the same thing,” he said.


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