Barbour webinar: Safety Differently

We have all heard the rhetoric about Safety Differently, but how does it actually work in practise? How do you, for example, find leading indicators which keep your Board satisfied? How do you make people the solution not the problem? This webinar features senior health and safety managers and directors who have started using the principles in their organisations and who are experimenting with different approaches which fit the principles of ‘Safety Differently’:

  • People are the solution to harness, not a problem to control.
  • Safety is the presence of positives, not the absence of negatives.
  • Safety is an ethical responsibility, not a bureaucratic accountability.

The webinar features Helen Rawlinson, Managing Director of Art of Work UK, Simon Bown, Head of HSE at Luton Airport, Lorene Carter, Lead HSSE Manager for SPL Power Lines UK and Chris Lea, Director of Wellbeing, HS&E & Responsibility at UCB (UK & Ireland)

To register for the webinar taking place on Monday 19th March 11:00 am – 12:00 pm (GMT) please click here.

Speaker Bios:

Chris Lea
Lea is director of Wellbeing, HS&E & Responsibility at UCB (UK & Ireland), a global pharmaceutical company focussed on severe diseases. He has over 20 years’ experience as a practitioner of health, safety & environment within the pharmaceutical, construction and NHS sectors. He is currently studying M.Sc. Psychology and along with a new and broader remit for wellbeing, he hopes to further contribute to UCB’s patient centric mission by helping employees have great (and safe!) days at work.

Lorene Carter
Carter is Lead HSSE Manager on London to Corby railway electrification project and has eighteen years’ experience in challenging safety and rail operational leadership roles with numerous clients and principal contractor teams. Experience ranges from multi-discipline, high-risk rail operational and construction projects in the United Kingdom and Australia, to fly-in-fly-out mines and roads construction projects in rural Queensland. Carter over recent years has successfully implemented a Safety Differently approach into the projects she has led whilst holding Senior HSE/Operational Positions. By adopting the Safety Differently principles and implementing new tools and tactics to support these principles she has successfully implemented transformational change and built resilience into the project teams.

Simon Bown
Bown is a former international athlete placing 6th in the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne 2006, Double European Champion and British record holder for age group (35 – 39) in 2012. He has been in Health & Safety for over 12 years starting his career at Stansted Airport before moving on to Luton Airport in 2011. Bown is a firm believer in the Safety Differently approach which empowers the workforce to deliver their tasks by giving autonomy and trust to safely deliver the business objective. He is also a dedicated speaker both nationally and internationally on trying something ‘a bit different’ to the traditional approach.

Helen Rawlinson
Rawlinson is the Managing Director for Art of Work Ltd, a management consultancy who help organisations transition between traditional safety and Safety Differently. Rawlinson has over 10 years’ experience working in safety across a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, recycling and government. She has a degree in Health and Safety management and a strong passion for changing perceptions of the industry as well as encouraging businesses to connect with their people to harness an understanding of what work really is like.

Rawlinson sits on the review board for the UK industry magazine, SHP. She is known for her interest in reducing bureaucracy and for her ability in challenging and supporting businesses with their transformational journey between traditional safety and Safety Differently.

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