OSHA fines Iowa company over workplace safety violations

OSHA fines Iowa company over workplace safety violations

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OSHA fines Iowa company over workplace safety violations


An Iowa maker of wind turbine blades has been fined nearly $155,000 for multiple workplace safety violations.

The Des Moines Register reports that Iowa’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration levied the fines against TPI Composites for violations at its Newton plant. The violations included fire hazards, airborne contaminants, faulty record keeping, fall hazards and a lack of employee training.

The citations support complaints from dozens of former workers who say TPI didn’t properly protect them from dangerous chemicals that caused them severe skin injuries. Those complaints were first reported by the Des Moines Register. Some workers say they were fired after reporting the injuries.

The company said Friday it was evaluating OSHA’s findings and that safety is a core value of the company.

Six former employees are suing the company.

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