Mobileye 8 Connect ™

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Mobileye 8 Connect ™

AI-powered collision avoidance system with cloud connectivity

Mobileye 8 Connect is the most advanced collision avoidance system available today. Incorporating Mobileye’s EyeQ4 processor and upgraded camera technology, Mobileye 8 Connect sees further and wider. Plus Mobileye 8 can now detect pedestrians and cyclists at night and in low-light conditions.

With it’s integrated SIM card and access to the Mobileye Connect Platform, the Mobileye 8 allows fleet managers to track, trace and measure the performance of their fleet’s driving habits, offering deep insight into safety-related behaviour.

The always-connected Mobileye 8 benefits from over-the-air (OTA) updates so you can rest assured knowing your fleet’s driver assistance technology is future-proof and always up-to-date with the latest features, delivered automatically and without interruption or intervention.

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Mobileye 8 Connect ™

AI-powered collision avoidance system with cloud connectivity

Features includes

Daylight/Nightlight Pedestrian Collision Warning, including Bicycle Detection

Forward Collision Warning

  • Mobileye calculates the relative distance to the vehicle or motorcycle ahead and will issue both a visual and audible warning of an impending collision. Up to 2.7 seconds ahead.


Lane Departure Warning

  • Mobileye will warn the driver with a visual and audible alert if the vehicle’s wheels unintentionaly cross the lane or shoulder lines without the use of a turn signal.

(HMW) Headway Monitoring & Tailgating Warning

  • Gives the driver constant real-time indication of the distance to the vehicle or motorcycle ahead and   will issue a tailgating alert if the distance becomes too close.


(SLI) Speed Limit Indication


System Components 


  • The forward-facing camera mounted on the inside of the windshield behind the rear view mirror constantly scans the road ahead and provides audio alerts when needed. The camera unit contains the camera, EyeQ4® chip, and speaker.
  • The GPS unit, mounted in the bottom corner of the windshield.
  • The EyeWatch™ display for visual alerts, mounted in the bottom corner of the windshield.




Product Specification 

Camera angle width : 52°

Cellular modem for cloud connectivity : Featured in 3G; 4G in development

GNSS Module for positioning (Global Navigation Satellite System) : GLONASS, BeiDou and QZSS satellite support featured.

Over-The-Air (OTA) updates :  OTA-updates allow Mobileye units tosecurely download system upgrades from the cloud and keep safety features current with Mobileye’s latest technology.

Telematics/FMS : Mobileye Connect™ Platform is a unique system that combines collision avoidance alerts with g-sensor data to provide a powerful picture of how fleet safety is improving.





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