Country focused safety plan

Getting tough: All motorists convicted of a mid-range PCA charge will be forced to have an interlock system installed on their car.

A NEW road safety program targeting country areas and upgraded safety features on country roads are two of the key platforms of a major campaign announced by the State Government last week.

And under tough new rules for drivers, all motorists convicted of a mid-range PCA charge will be forced to have an interlock system installed on their car, meaning they must prove they are sober every time they get behind the wheel.

Cootamundra MP Steph Cooke said the plan is a concerted effort to save lives.

“Every 41 minutes in NSW someone is either killed or seriously injured on our roads, leaving families and friends with the heartache,” she said. 

“This Plan makes it clear if you break the law you will be caught and will pay the price.”

“We also want to ensure that our public education campaigns are targeted in the right way.

“It’s every single driver’s responsibility to make sure they drive safely and to the conditions – ultimately, that is what we need to do, change the way we behave when we are behind the wheel.”

Ms Cooke said one of the biggest challenges remains on country roads.

“If you live in the country you are four times more likely to die in a road crash than if you live in metro NSW,” Ms Cooke said.

“This is why we will roll out 1600 kilometres of rumble strips and 300 kilometres in targeted safety works, such as flexible, wire-rope barriers to help prevent run-off-road and head-on crashes on our road network, including the Princes Highway.”

This program will also co-ordinate infrastructure with education, enforcement and engagement, and includes:

Addressing high risk curves through improved curve signage, widened shoulders, vehicle activated signage and safety barriers.

Reducing crash types commonly related to lane departure and driver fatigue by installing wide centre lines, flexible barriers, audio tactile (rumble) line marking and sealed shoulders.

Implementing a targeted Saving Lives on Country Roads public education campaign, the first of its kind for NSW.

Building partnerships with local councils, community groups and industry to support grassroots Towards Zero initiatives.

Ongoing targeted police enforcement to reduce risky behaviour common in crashes on country roads.

Other aspects of the plan include better planning and design of major road projects; identifying high risk roads and reviewing speed limits; and upgraded features on regional motorcycling routes.


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