1TAC Roadside LED Safety Discs


ZipChip Mini Flying Disc

ZipChips help make spontaneous acts of recreation part of your EDC. Slip one of these mini flying discs in your pocket and, according to ZipChip, you’ll be able to “Zip your Chip for long throws and fast paced action…


GravityLight Portable Self-Powered LED Lamp

The GravityLight might be the coolest little illuminator I’ve seen since the SmartCharge light bulb. But while both will be there for you when the power goes out, The GravityLight ups its handiness with its go-anywhere…


Barebones Trailblazer Swivel Head LED Flashlight

The Trailblazer LED flashlight swivels and bends so your body doesn’t have to. The outdoor torch has an adjustable head you can control exactly where its 4000K focus beam is pointing. It makes navigating nighttime conditions…


Iron Samurai Blue LED Watch

As if the opportunity to wear a segmented steel LED-lit wristband that might make people wonder if you’re under house arrest isn’t reason enough to complete this purchase, the fact that the Iron Samurai also possesses…


LED Eyelashes

These are aptly named. An ingenious piece of technology wrought from Asian women’s desire to have larger eyes, these seem more fit for the drug-and-urine-splattered concrete floor of the next rave in Omaha, Nebraska…


Luminoodle LED TV Backlight

If you’ve been using your noodle you’ve probably learned how valuable a bendy rope of lights can be. And now your flexible, adaptable, bright-burning noodle has a new form with yet another application: TV backlighting…


FLASHr iPhone Notification Case

FLASHr debuts on Kickstarter as New Orleans boys Trey DeArk and Terence Green’s slick reappropriation of the iPhone’s built-in LED camera flash and iOS’ “LED Flash Alerts”. A 3-part, multi-colored case, FLASHr intertwines…


Dancing Water Speakers

Broadcast your beats to the world from your car with LED equalizer stickers, and broadcast your beats to your mama from the living room with these dancing water speakers. Don’t worry, she’ll love them. They’ll remind…


Lamp Plants

Where the Red Fern Glows…you’ll find Mariana Folberg’s Lamp Plants. The artist behind Mar de Fe designs took inspiration from the rain forest to construct a thriving pot of green-lit leaves. Add one of the lamps to…


Bullet 02 – World’s Smallest LED Flashlight

Let’s not split hairs over whether or not the Bullet 02 is really the World’s Smallest LED Flashlight, when we could have a much more insightful discussion about how the barely-an-inch-long illuminator is waterproof…


LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

If you weren’t crowned winner of our Pet Jellyfish Tank Giveaway, or are like me and don’t have much success keeping alive things in your care alive, this LED jellyfish mood lamp could be the non-living companion of your…


LightBox Puzzle

The LightBox, in a new twist on physical brainteasers and cliched expressions, is designed such that seeing the light means you have not solved the puzzle…


1TAC Roadside LED Safety Discs

1TAC’s pack of LED roadside LED safety discs come preloaded with AAA batteries, ready to make them glow or flash in 9 different modes depending on your needs.

Warning: I got a flat and half my car is still hanging in the driving lane!

I need a flashlight! Where did that tub of ketchup go? (Shoulda gotten a Saucemoto).

Parking lot party! Time for some dance floor lighting!

The disc flares are small and relatively flat, and come with a fitted storage bag for easy stashing in your trunk when you’re not having an auto or fast food emergency. 1TAC says flares are waterproof, floatable, and magnetic so you can even stick them on the side of your car.

When turned on, the flare LEDs should give you up to a mile of visibility, obviously dependent on what’s around you and weather conditions. You can also take them along camping or hiking for use in similar emergency situations, or just to light up your tent and campsite at night.

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